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New Zealand Dream Weddings has been planning and fulfilling dream weddings, civil unions, and gay weddings for couples since 1999. Whether big or small, traditional or off the beaten track, New Zealand Dream Weddings is there with you 100% of the way, removing all the stress and worry and making all your dreams come true!
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Dream Weddings Testimonials

People come from all over the world to experience weddings in New Zealand. Read the thanks from our clients who experienced our Dream Weddings Venues and Honeymoons.

Myeong-Ju & Kris

Kris and I were originally planning to marry when on vacation to save on time, money and fuss. when we planned a holiday in New Zealand, we toyed with the idea of getting married there but had several concerns about paper work, location, attire, and all the details that come with a wedding. We both came across Donna’s website at separate times and told the other about this lovely website. We emailed Donna about her services and were hooked. Her warm and inviting manner over emails convinced us that we were in the right hands. The location options were breathtaking. From the website pictures, you could just imagine the endearing memories from marrying in such a place. The prices were incredibly reasonable and they offered a multitude of services to make the day complete. Donna provide us the all the information we needed. She offered to make all the arrangements and paperwork filing that was needed. We felt like getting married in new Zealand would be easier than getting married in Texas and less expensive. We also loved the idea of getting married in such a beautiful country. We started our vacation in Queenstown a week before our wedding. When we flew to Christchurch, Donna and Shoei offered to meet us at the airport. They helped us with our luggage and took us in their car. They were so friendly and nice if felt like we were meeting old friends. Before going to our hotel, they took us to sign a few documents to make our wedding official. Donna had filed the paper work with the government prior to us arriving. The paperwork took a few minutes to sign. We did not have to wait. It was easy and painless. Next, Donna and Shoei took us to our hotel. Our wedding was scheduled for the next morning. We had planned a number of activities, so we wanted to marry early in the morning. The next morning, Donna and Shoei arrived in a very nice car that had a white ribbon and bow. Donna placed a rose on Kris and gave me a bouquet of flowers. The flowers were very pretty and fresh. We were off to Bridal Path in the Port Hills. On the way,we meet the celebrant and he followed us the the wedding location. The location was very nice, it over looked Christchurch. We felt we had just met up with dear friends. We were unable to arrange to have family there with us so having such caring people made it easier to b so far from Texas. Being way up on the Bridal Path in the Port Hills made us feel like the only people in the world. The ceremony was beautiful. The words and feelings are unforgettable. It felt exactly right. The location, celebrant, Donna and Shoei made it a very special day for us. After the wedding ,we talked and laughed while eating snacks that Donna’s son, a chief, created for us. WE had a champagne toast and signed a few documents. Afterwards, Donna and Shoei took us back to our hotel. When we said our good-byes at the hotel, Kris and I felt as if we had the most lavish wedding with all the trimmings and most of all grateful that we shared it with two people who cared just as much as we did about making the day special. Later that day, we went to see the Christchurch rugby team take on another rugby team. It was our first live rugby game. We loved it. It was the semi-finals and the Crusaders won. It was great. WE spent another 3 weeks in New Zealand. The people in New Zealand were also nice and the locations were just beautiful. In the end, we had travelled from Queenstown to Auckland and along the way we meet two wonderful people that helped us get married.

Gloria & William

When we planned a holiday in New Zealand, we had the idea of getting married in the lake of Tekapo “Church of the Good Shepherd” There beautiful scenery gives us a deep impression therefore we look for wedding planner located at New Zealand to help for planning our wedding in there! Luckily I decided New Zealand wedding Dreams because we much appreciated Donna’s email reply was very prompt and was extremely informative. During our wedding day on 10th Oct at 8am, I met Helen and Marilyn in our hotel room for makeup and hairdo. Due to their professional and experienced, this is first time my husband to complement me pretty ? Donna visited us at 10am for assistance and ensure that everything went smoothly on our wedding day. Also she was our photographer. This was our first time face to face get to see each other. She was very nice and helpful. Before our wedding ceremony begun, we met minister and videographer. They were very nice. 11am our wedding ceremony begun, the church is in privacy and public not allow to access. The minister guide us through. We just follow his instruction to finish ceremony. Then we took lots of nice photos and video around the outside of the church and down by the lakeshore. We are very satisfied the photos and video. Photos and video are great and we love! Many and many thanks to Donna and their team to make us have a truly prefect, sweet, wonderful memorial wedding! With Best Regards

Leanne Barsby

Donna – I love your work so much – That was THE most beautiful wedding slide show I have ever seen. Your talent is amazing. Not only have raised five beautiful children you have changed your whole world from our childhood days. Considering where we came from and our education you are a brilliant, successful & accomplished women. Kindest regards

Sarah & Graeme

A wee note to say thank you for all of your wonderful efforts in organizing our wedding. It was a fantastic weekend. Thank you for the wonderful gifts from New Zealand Dream Weddings. The title does really say it all. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors and happiness with your family. Look forward to catching up with you in the near future. Love

Karen & Andy

Thank you both so much for organizing our Wedding Day. It was absolutely perfect! We really enjoyed our day and will remember it always.. We will certainly be recommending you to everybody back home. We would love to come back and visit again in the future and hope we can meet up. Don’t forget if you are ever in the UK please give us a call. With love

Debbie & Alan

Thank you very much of your professional services and all those arrangement well organized during our stay in New Zealand. How can we ever thank you enough. You made our wedding the most beautiful experience any couple could ever experience. The way you meet us at the airport and greeted us like old friends made us feel straight away at ease. Thank you for everything. We will definitely be singing your praises to everybody that is thinking of getting married. New Zealand Dream Weddings in our opinion is the best anybody will ever find to coordinate their wedding. We will see you next year. Love and best wishes

Mika & Tobi

Thank you for making our wedding a day never to forget, Our flowers, photos, video everything, was perfect. Don’t forget to contact us when you are next in Tokyo.

Tina & Craig

I want to thank you soooooo much for the perfect day. The photos are perfect too and everyone loves them. I have over 70 reprints to do of various photos. All the best for you both and your family.

Lisa & Tommy

This is just a small note to say thank you so much for everything New Zealand Dream Weddings did to make our wedding in New Zealand perfect. You are a gold mine and I don’t mind telling everybody. The way you organized everything for us as well as to pick us up and send us off at the airport. Nothing was a bother to you, you took everything in your stride. Good luck to you and New Zealand Dream Weddings, you deserve a gold medal.

Sonya & Bruce

You made our wedding the most beautiful experience any couple could ever experience. The way you meet us at the airport and greeted us like old friends made us feel straight away at ease. Thank you for everything. We will definitely be singing your praises to everybody that is thinking of getting married. New Zealand Dream Weddings in our opinion is the best anybody will ever find to coordinate their wedding. We will see you next year. Love and best wishes

Vera & Paul

Received the video – its great!! Please thank your videographer for me – he did a very professional job. Love the whole thing – movie, sound track, music and stills! Excellent work. Donna, once again Vera and I want to thank you for a really memorial day – it really could not have been better. I think you should offer balloon wedding as a central feature. Everyone who has seen the photographs and the video is knocked out by the idea and the setting, Vera and I are surprised they all feel this was a terribly adventurous way to get married – it was such a serene experience and not at all dramatic. Again thank you.

K H Thung & Mabel Thung

Thank you for the wonderful arrangement for our wedding in New Zealand with such short notice. All the best to you both and your children, good luck with your business.

Wendy & Martin

Many thanks to you both. It really was our Dream Wedding. The day was everything we hoped and more. Fond regards..

Eunice & Walter

Hi! I understand you are thinking of hiring New Zealand Dream Weddings. Basically there are three parts which I would like to comment on: – Why we have selected New Zealand Dream Weddings as our agent? – Why NZ is the selected place? – How about the wedding programs? Well, to start with, we actually selected the location first as to where we want the wedding ceremony to be held. New Zealand is our top choice, because I have stayed there for 3 years and always wanted to have my wedding pictures taken with the beautiful scenery in NZ, especially Queenstown. It was my husband’s idea to have a wedding blessing done in NZ. Hence, we started surfing the net for further details and looking for an agent who offer such service. First learnt about New Zealand Dream Weddings was on the net. Well there are several others posted on the net. We have selected NZ Dream Weddings, because it has won several awards, good recognition and reputation. Strongly believed that NZ Dream Weddings will be a reliable one. I had communicated a couple of times with Donna on the phone and via the net, and was very impressed with their service and commitment to the job. Prompt response, good service, design the package and program tailor to customer’s desire and liking. Considering we are on different time zone almost 6 hours difference between Singapore and NZ. Some time, forgot about the time difference and need an immediate answer on some matter. I rang Donna and she can still be reached at 2 or 3 am NZ’s time. We were very impressed and appreciated such quality service from NZ Dream Weddings. The good thing is we need not spend much time coordinating for our wedding or worries. We were very pleased with the programs, wedding planner, the church, pastor, photographer , the limo service and others. Everyone is so friendly, fully flexible and helpful. Everything was well organized and taken care off before our arrival. No tension throughout the service and photography shots too. It was very romantic, sweet and relaxed wedding ceremony for both of us. A very memorable, happy and lovely one. Our family members were also very happy and admired how simple and pleasant the wedding could be in this way. The photos taken were very beautiful too. We will strongly recommend our friends and relatives who wish to opt for honeymoon wedding ceremony than our usual traditional custom ceremony such as 10-course dinner with many tables, full day service and others. The traditional ones are very tiring and leave couple with no special moments… New Zealand Dream Weddings is the ideal choice, and provide excellent and quality service. With Best Regards

Nicola & Steve

Steve and I arranged to go traveling in December 03 and planned to be away for 2 months in total. Our planned destinations were Thailand and New Zealand. We decided on Thailand because of the white sandy beaches, undiscovered coves, and of course Bangkok with its colourful bars and mad way of living. Thailand did live up to our expectations but it was New Zealand we were looking forward to the most. We chose to visit New Zealand because of its fresh air, magnificent scenery and all the activities on offer. We also decided this would be the ideal place to get married. Having not really planned on getting married at all we decided on a low key wedding, i.e. just myself and Steve! I really didn’t know the first thing about organising a wedding in England, never mind abroad. I therefore decided to log on to the internet, typed in ”New Zealand Weddings” and up came Donna’s website. I found the website very easy to follow, it gave loads of useful information about what we needed to do and it all looked very simple and easy to organise. The website also showed photographs of all the locations on offer although it was state that any location, within reason, would be considered. There were also quotations from other couples who had used NZ Dream Weddings which we found reassuring, most of these were also from countries other than New Zealand. I started emailing Donna and arranging our wedding, which happened on 23 January 2004 at Sumner Beach in Christchurch. Donna arranged everything for us including: uplifting the marriage licence, arranging the venue, arranging transport and also arranging the celebrant and photographer. Donna always replied to my emails promptly and gave me loads of information on request, including a local hairdresser and beauty salon. I emailed Donna on our arrival in Christchurch and the following day Donna and her husband picked us up and took us to the local government office to uplift our marriage license. I found Donna very friendly and easy-going and she made our marriage very personal. A day or 2 later they took us to our wedding venue and were also our witnesses. The photographer she had arranged was very good and the photos were fantastic. All in all a very special day to remember for a lifetime. I would definitely recommend NZ Dream Weddings to others, it really takes the stresses of organising a wedding away leaving you to just relax and enjoy it.

Alison & Chris

My fiance and I could not agree on where to get married because our families lived on opposite sides of the United States. Finally we decided that it would be easier to avoid the family politics by getting married in New Zealand on our own. My fiance searched the Internet for a wedding planner to help with the arrangements. He chose New Zealand Dream Weddings because Donna Dohi was so friendly and helpful and always responded to his inquiries immediately. She was very understanding and concerned when we had to postpone our trip for 2 months after my fiance hurt his back, and helped us reschedule our wedding. When we flew into Christchurch she and her husband greeted us at the airport and drove us to our hotel – something that most wedding planners wouldn’t consider doing! Donna planned a lovely wedding for us at the Church of the Good Shepherd on Lake Tekapo. She provided me with an incredible hairstylist and professional photographer and ensured that everything went smoothly on our wedding day. Donna provided many thoughtful touches, and emailed back and forth with our family members while we were traveling in New Zealand – even sending them digital photos from our wedding with a nice note. All of my relatives were very impressed with Donna’s personal touches, and they experienced them halfway around the world! Afterwards, we wanted to tip Donna because she gave us such an extraordinary wedding but she wouldn’t take it – saying, ”We want to provide you with the best service at New Zealand Dream Weddings, and we don’t need a tip for it! Use the money to celebrate by going out for a nice dinner.” Donna Dohi and New Zealand Dream Weddings are truly wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone planning a wedding in New Zealand. She went above and beyond the call of duty to make my wedding day the best day of my life!

Di & Steve

We had been to our friends wedding at the Sydney Opera House in 2000 and this experience made our minds up in terms of, we wanted to get married abroad and essentially do something that we would remember for the rest of our lives. We have always wanted to visit NZ as various friends had commented what a beautiful country it was. On that basis we thought, why not, and decided that we should get married in NZ. Other factors were that my wife didn’t want the typical British ‘big white wedding’, weddings in the UK are expensive (in terms of what you actually get i.e. one day) compared to being married abroad and having the travel experiences as well. I would also say that more and more people in the UK are now deciding to get married abroad. Why we hired Donna… that was simple. After deciding to get married in 2001 I sent off e-mails to various NZ wedding organisers (after going on numerous websites). Donna’s reply was almost instantaneous and was extremely informative. In fact I was particularly amazed when I actually realised what time it was in NZ when she was replying…it was about 10pm. This demonstrated to me her commitment to her business and on that basis I decided to use Donna to arrange our wedding. Type of wedding We actually chose a typical Marae wedding on the basis that was unusual. From the moment that we agreed to do this,to the day of the wedding, Donna was always available and made the actual day a truely fantastic experience. The organisation was first class and I would have no hesitation to recommend Donna’s services to other parties. During the morning of the wedding Donna was kind enough to let us use her house to get ready for the wedding as she had arranged a make up artist to prepare my wife’s make up and a hairdresser to prepare her hair. We had a Rolls Royce to drive us to the venue and upon arrival; we were welcomed by a ‘Maori Challenge’, which was enlightening. The actual wedding ceremony was fairly straightforward (and not too long – thank goodness). After the wedding we had a champagne celebration at the venue in which Donna read various messages from our family and friends who had been e-mailing her sending cards etc to Donna’s address in NZ. Unfortunately due to the distance (and costs of getting to NZ) our friends and family could not make the trip. I should stress that this was not a disappointment as we were aware of the position before we decided to get married in NZ and in any case we had the wedding videoed (and lots of photos) so we could share our day with f & f when we returned to UK I should add one final comment, Donna, who had been brilliant throughout, informed us that our wedding at the National Marae (a couple from overseas) was a first and to quote her ”..was an International even!…and if we would agree, the ‘Press’ (which is the largest daily circulated paper in the South island) would like to report on it…”. We agreed that this would be ok and a bit different, and in any case thought it would be a small insignificant article somewhere in the middle of the paper (if they chose to print it) !! However, when we awoke on the morning after the wedding we were suprised to see our photo (well more of my wife than me !!) on the front page and we had even a bigger article feature than Tony Blair (UK Prime minister) and his election campaign!!

Elizabeth & David

My husband and I were really pleased working with New Zealand Dream Weddings. Donna took out all the hard work involved in an international destination wedding. All we had to do basically was show up and enjoy the day! The pictures turned out wonderful. We have had so many positive comments about them! We definitely recommend New Zealand Dream Weddings.

Lisa & Josef

Our marriage in New Zealand was an unforgettable event and was the best day in our lives . Thanks to Donna who made our special day so perfect. Everything ran so smoothly and we fully enjoyed our special day without any stress. Thanks again Donna.

Jie & Wei Zhuohena

Hi Donna, Just seated and got on the Internet. Thanks for all that you have done for me and my wife, its a unique and unforgettable memory of me in life.

Evelyn + Sean

It has been our dreams to have a simple wedding, just the two of us overseas in a beautiful setting to save the fuss of having a traditional custom wedding back home. When we planned for our holiday cum honeymoon in New Zealand, we said that this will be it….New Zealand it is; the place for our special surprise day. Next, came the searching for more information on internet and Donna’s website popped up in the search engine. Our instinct told us that Donna will be the one that we will engaged for our special day. And there goes the long chain of emails searching for the perfect venues, scheduling the dates, asking tons of questions and etc. Thanks for putting up with us. Thanks for the professional services to you and your marvelous team for our making our special day came true. Thanks for everything in making it such a romantic, sweet and relaxed wedding ceremony. Everyone is surprise back home when we told them about it. The photos and videos are awesome. Our family and friends are really happy for us but some of course are a bit mad that we gave them such a surprise.:P Keep up the good work and we believe it certainly the best job to make every couple’s dream come true which is why you and your team should continue love in doing it. Whenever we would like to feel happy again after been stressed out, we bet the best place is to visit your site to see the amazing videos and photos to know that life is indeed wonderful after all. Love and best wishes,

Jo & Karl

Just wanted to say Thank You for organising the most fantastic day, we had a great time and many many happy memories. NZ is the most amazing place and our Wedding Day wasn’t the only highlight… thanks for getting us off to a great start.

Orla & Brendan McAleese

From the moment I went onto Donna’s website, I knew we had made the right decision. Donna is a pleasure to work with and although most of the work was done by email for over a year, we knew we were in great hands. All our doubts were put to rest, nothing was a problem. The overall planning of our wedding was second to none. Donna thought of everything and it was done with great ease. All we had to do was turn up. A one stop shop with impeccable attention to detail. The location provided a great backdrop to our ceremony in the little stone Church of the good Shepherd and the photos over looking Lake Tapako were beautiful. Aside from the absolutely stunning setting and beautiful scenery, the professional service and the friendly easy-going hospitality of Donna and Shoei are first class. We will always fondly remember it to be the best day of our lives.

Nicola & Roger

If you are looking for someone special to capture one of the most important moments in your life LOOK NO FURTHER. Donna is amazing, not only are her photos brilliant she is the most caring and friendliest photographer I have ever come across not to mention FUN. Our wedding photos are beyond amazing not only did Donna capture the beautiful landscape (which is why we went to NZ) she captured the special moments between my husband and I as well as all our friends and family. Its now been 13 months since our special day but everyday we get to look at our amazing photos hanging up around our house. If there is one thing you need to make your wedding the best it can be its the memories and having Donna capture them is one of the best decisions you will make for your wedding. We will forever hold Donna as a part of our special day now and forever. Can’t thank you enough xoxoxoxoxox

Pen & Simon

Thank you, Donna, for organising our fabulous wedding and taking such wonderful photographs xxx

Amy & Aled

Donna is a lovely lovely lady who we were lucky to have sorting our wedding in a little slice of heaven on earth! (Akaroa) she made our special day fuss free and extra special! Everything was sorted with emails and was very easy and straight forward! Our wedding day with New Zealand Dream Weddings was PERFECT ? Donn’s photography is second to none, capturing 100’s of photo of us our guests and our two little boys. Xxx

Corrie & Chad

New Zealand Dream Weddings are what their name says. Everything for our elopement to New Zealand was perfect. Donna had every detail covered and by the time we arrived into New Zealand all that was required from us was to make the declaration for our marriage licence. Our wedding day was what we always envisioned. If you are considering a destination wedding to New Zealand then we highly recommend New Zealand Dream Weddings, you are in safe hands with Donna whom is friendly, honest and most of all there for you 100%. (plus the added bonus Donna also takes the most amazing photos – photos that actually do capture the essence of the day – photos that show feeling and soul).

Orla & Brendan

From the moment I went onto Donna’s website, I knew we had made the right decision. Donna is a pleasure to work with and although most of the work was done by email for over a year, we knew we were in great hands. All our doubts were put to rest, nothing was a problem. The overall planning of our wedding was second to none. Donna thought of everything and it was done with great ease. All we had to do was turn up. A one stop shop with impeccable attention to detail. The location provided a great backdrop to our ceremony in the little stone church of the good sheppard and the photos over looking Lake Tapako were beautiful. Aside from the absolutely stunning setting and beautiful scenery, the professional service and the friendly easy-going hospitality of Donna and Shoei are first class. We will always fondly remember it to be the best day of our lives.

Shari & Dan

It was just over a year ago that we got married in Christchurch, NZ. Thanks to Donna our wedding was exactly as we had imagined. Donna organized everything and we didn’t have to worry about a thing leading up to and on the day itself, we couldn’t of asked for anything better. Regards,

Sue and Ivan

Hi my name is Sue and my husband is Ivan. We wanted some thing special, as this was going to be our second wedding. As soon as Ivan clicked on this sight New Zealand Dream Weddings that is exactly what happened… Donna and Shoei jumped into action. Our location was ‘Rehau Marae’ we wanted a spiritual feeling and also to have Maori culture included, Rehau gave us all this, we were taken through the etiquette for our Maori wedding and the ceremony was fantastic. They both saw to our wedding bands, the licence, my make up and our special car which was a Rolls Royce called Jeeves. As for our photographs and videos, even now after being married nine years later (09/03/2006) the people who see the video and photos still exclaim how magical they were. Other company’s I cannot say about becoming friends not only during the lead up to our wedding or on your wedding day or even long after, but Donna and Shoei are our special friends and I highly recommend their company for a magical day, a magical ceremony and more important magical memories All I can say is these are the people who can make your dreams come true.

Marjolein & Marco

Wow, Donna! Amazing, beautiful pictures! You’ve done a great job! We had a great day, thanks for planning everything for us xxx

Lynn & Ian

Donna has been fantastic right from the start to the finish. During our first contact with Donna, we felt we were in safe arms about our wedding arrangements because she was clear, transparent and concise in the details. We were proven correct as we went through our wedding. When our wedding photos were delivered, we could not be happier. She made a huge difference to our wedding with her personal touch and we could not have imagined a better wedding without her. We wish you all the best, Donna! Hugs and kisses,

Jaime & Steve

Donna, Steve and I just wanted to thank you for making our day so very special. We are back in Australia and have had a look at our pictures. You did an amazing job capturing our day and we will be forever grateful. We could not recommend New Zealand Dream Weddings highly enough, you went above and beyond. xoxo.

Kimberly & Michael

Dear Donna, You are wonderful. Thank you for organizing everything for us. Our wedding was as your name says a ‘Dream Wedding’. The relief of leaving everything in your hands was a weight of our shoulders. You allowed us to just travel and enjoy ourselves knowing that our wedding was in expert hands. On the day, not even the few raindrops deterred the happiness both Michael and I felt. The photos are so beautiful, all our family and friends have been raving over them. Not only are you an exceptional wedding planner, but also your photography talent is truly a remarkable in capturing the essence of the day. Until we meet again.

Shelly & Ross

My wife and I went through New Zealand Dream Weddings over 8 years ago to plan our destination wedding at Lake Tekapo. Planning a wedding from half way around the world made us nervous at first but Donna quickly set our minds at ease with her professionalism and expertise. She handled every little detail for us from arranging the pastor, booking the location, taking care of the wedding license, and taking photographs. She even planned out an itinerary for us while we were honeymooning! We could not have been any happier with the service she provided as everything was perfect and she helped to make an amazing experience even more incredible. Donna did such an incredible job and we highly recommend her and New Zealand Dream Weddings for anybody looking at being married in New Zealand.

Ariel and Lance

Dear Donna, We would like to sincerely thank you for everything you did to make our wedding the best day of our lives! From answering our emails so promptly to the absolutely lovely ceremony at the most beautiful and scenic location, you handled everything professionally and yet very personable. With your assistance, the whole event was stress-free and easy and we would be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone who wants to plan a wedding in New Zealand. Thank you.

Nina and Alexey

Dearest Donna, we wanted to thank you for a perfect dream wedding you organized for us!!! This was unforgettable experience and we just couldn’t dream for a better person to help us go through this important moment of our lives. We are very impressed with the quality of service you provide – from the very first email you were so helpful, caring and payed lots of attention to every detail to make sure all is organized perfectly. We were blessed to have you there for us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Wishing you and New Zealand Dream Weddings company all the best!

Emma & Shane

I got into contact with Donna back in 2012 while Shane and myself were still living in Aus. We had by in large decided we wanted to get married in NZ so close members of Shane’s family could be there and also close family from Aus on my side (my parents, sister and a very good friend from work all ended up flying out from England too for the Wedding, and everyone who came enjoyed a fantastic holiday!) We were looking up various places we thought we be nice, and then we found it – The Church of the Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo… I’ve always been able to trust my gut feelings about various things and this place just spoke to me, we had to do it there! One phone call and several emails later, Donna was all over it and sorted out what would normally be all those logistical nightmares and made us feel at ease about everything. She also gave great pointers on where to go for all the other bits and pieces from the Reception to the make-up/hair artists who would make me and my girlies all ravishingly gorgeous for the special day! No query was ever too small, and as soon as we landed and we meet up with Donna, I knew we were in safe hands. Everything was in place, and on the day, Donna was her expected amazing self, bringing over the stunning blue hydrangea bouquets and taking simply stunning photos of a day to remember. It was the best day of our lives (apart from the birth of our son, but as I always say – that took two days!!) everything was perfect, glorious sunny weather, nothing going wrong at all, and we largely have Donna to thank for al that (we know she couldn’t have guaranteed us the weather we had, but maybe that was all round good karma :-D). Massive thank you Donna, we sincerely hope our paths cross again in the future! Lots of love Emma, Shane and Joshua Blank xxx Ps – I know you love your horses, so hope you like the attached – beautiful trek we did on the second day of our honeymoon in Cadrona, just stunning!

Yi Fan & Yong

Dear Donna, we are home now, thank you so much for organizing everything for us in such a busy schedule. ? We searched the internet for a wedding planer in NZ after deciding to get married at the Church of the Good Shepherd on Lake Tekapo. We chose Dream Weddings because Donna’s reply was almost instantaneous and extremely informative. When we flew into Christchurch, she greeted us at the airport, and drove us to the office to get our marriage license, then to our hotel. I think most wedding planners wouldn’t do this. On our wedding day, minister Andrew came to our accommodation at 9am and we gone through the whole process. Andrew is so nice, he brought some tissues for me in the ceremony, also gave us some beautiful postcards of the church as gift. Then our makeup artist Helen and hair stylist Marilyn came, they are very friendly and professional, helped me dress into bridal clothes. Donna brought me a white shawl to keep me warm cause it’s winter in NZ, and Shoei helped Yong with his tie. Everything went smoothly, we like the photos and the slide is very touching. Donna did an amazing job and we highly recommend Donna and her New Zealand dream Weddings, wish you all the best, Donna!